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Newborn Package Only €150   



When is the best time to take newborn photos

The best time is within the first 5-15 days. The reason for this is because newborns under two weeks old tend to be very sleepy and easy-going. They want to be held all the time. Another reason that babies are best photographed within the first 15 days is they look more like newborns.  They enjoy being swaddled and curl up with their legs tucked up and their tiny little hands like to be up by their face.  As newborns get older, they tend to stretch out and don’t like being confined so much.


Preparation for your Newborn Photo Session:

Keep your baby awake for 1 to 2 hours before the session to ensure he or she is sleepy for the session. Parents should feed their baby when they arrive and before the shoot so that baby may fall asleep easily. Dress the baby in loose clothes to avoid any lines on their skin – a simple sleeper or anything easy to undress them for the use of props etc.

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Our newborn package is €150

Which includes:

1 Hour Photo Shoot with 4 different backgrounds / set ups

1 16×12 inch print

3 12×8 inch prints

6 6×4 inch prints

The 10 images will be sent via Email in high resolution

It takes 2 weeks for re-touch and a further 4 weeks for us to recieve them so it will be a total of 6 weeks to arrive with us at which point we shall call you for collection.



Add €50

Update to Gold Packages (€200 in total)

Which includes:

1.5 Hour Photo Shoot with 5 different backgrounds / set ups

2 16×12 inch prints

5 12×8 inch prints

8 6×4 inch prints

The 15 images will be send via Email in high resolution



Add €100

Update to Platinum Package (€300 in total)

 Which includes:

2 Hour Photo Shoot with 6 different backgrounds / set ups

3 16×12 inch prints

7 12×8 inch prints

15 6×4 inch prints

The 25 images will be sent via Email in high resolution

FREE GIFT: x1 16×12 inch Frame (value 40) and X2 wallet cards (value €10)



How to book

Please note that €50 deposit will be needed for secure the space as we only have 20 availability spaces each month. You can book in before your due time and you can always reschedule if your due time is changing by call us in advance.

You can call us to pay the €50 deposit


Or click the book now button so you can pay us online. 

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